Patient Reviews

After years of not going to the dentist, I found the courage to visit Dr. Adelpour today. Prior to my visit, I had spoke to him about my phobia of dentists, and he did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable and taken care of. Enough so I set an appointment. He answered all my questions and reassured me everything was going to be ok. At my appointment today, I was pleasantly surprised to see the office. It was clean and had great energy to it. It has advanced equipment that I had never seen before! There was no wait time and was seen right away. Dr. Adelpour really took his time and constantly reassure me that I was in control. The communication is next level. He explained every step and process. The staff was kind and welcoming. The tv and headphones really make all the difference when you have anxiety. It really helped calm my nerves. This is the best dentist experience I have ever had. My teeth look so clean and white after the deep clean. I couldn't be happier. So much so I actually set an appointment to come back. Thank you Dr. Adelpour. I feel lucky to have found an amazing dentist!
- Alice Olivas
Dr. Adelpour and his dental hygienist, Hailey, made me feel so comfortable every step of the way, checking in to make sure everything felt okay (which it did). They are both so professional and made me feel very well-cared for. Initially coming into the appointment I was feeling pretty self-conscious about my two front teeth. After Dr. Adelpour did some excellent work on them, I left feeling so happy about the way they look. I can’t stop smiling. Would highly recommend!
- Rooky Hayman
My search for a dental office is finally over! The team here at BLVD is experienced with the latest dental equipment and techniques. I couldn't be more impressed with the professionalism and care they delivered. They have earned my repeat buisness!
- Payam Kohan
If you're looking for the full package, BLVD Dental Aesthetics is your place. They have a sparkling clean and modern office with plenty of luxurious amenities like TVs on the ceilings and state-of-the art scanning technology. Street parking was a breeze. Dr. Adelpour is kind, thorough, and an excellent communicator. It was easy to make an appointment and the text reminders leading up to it made me feel like I had a personal assistant. While this practice is out of network for me, Dr. Adelpour went above and beyond on my behalf when calling ahead to ensure I would have preventive services covered. I felt he was genuine when delivering good news and empathic when explaining where I need work. He didn't try to upsell me on anything but shared my options and also gave me timelines for when I would need to start considering those options. I left with another appointment in 6 months. Don't waste your time elsewhere where you'll be rushed in and out without personalized treatment. This is my 3rd dentist in a two-year period, and I'm happy I can finally stop searching.
- Tammy Klitofsky
The best experience I’ve had at the dentist for I don’t know how long. The facility is beautiful and clean, the doctor is easy to talk to and fun. I love how I could watch or listen to whatever I want while they’re working on perfecting my smile. They use all of the latest equipment and even showed me a 3D model of my teeth! Definitely going to come back indefinitely for the best experience
- Andrew Z
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