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Because of all the rapidly evolving advances in dental care, this is an exciting time for individuals that want to improve their smiles. BLVD Dental Aesthetics finds satisfaction in staying current on the latest techniques, tools, and technology used in dentistry. We can improve our overall level of care by continuously looking for the best methods possible.

Itero 5D Scanner

For more precise, straightforward, and detailed impressions, we use the iTero 5D scanner to capture images of the patient’s mouth in minutes. This comfortable, hand-held wand allows Dr. Daniel Adelpour to scan all areas of the mouth (including hard-to-reach regions, like the molars). Plus, the screen feature on this high-tech intraoral camera enables our dentist to see images of the mouth in real-time.

Digital Smile Design

With Digital Smiles Design (DSD) software, patients have a chance to collaborate with their dentist and imagine what their smile will look like after treatment. This clever software takes digital scans of the patient’s smile and merges them with the patient’s face. After calculations and calibrations, the patient and dentist can visualize potential cosmetic or restorative dental options (mimicking before and after images). Since DSD software produces a spot-on representation of dental structures, patients can envision how treatment will improve their smile (and make adjustments as needed) before committing to treatment. 

Diode Laser

One of the most exciting advances in dental technology is the implementation of laser dentistry. At BLVD Dental Aesthetics, Dr. Adelpour uses powerful laser light to treat common dental problems, such as dental implant placement, gum contouring, and crown preparation. Our near West Hollywood cosmetic dentist loves applying diode lasers during treatment because they are more conservative than traditional drills. This translates to minimal bleeding, post-operative discomfort, and downtime.

The Wand

Traditionally, an anesthetic is delivered via a hypodermic needle and syringe. While this tried and true system works, patients anticipate a bit of discomfort with an initial injection. If you’re afraid of needles or want a more comfortable anesthesia delivery system, then the Wand STA (single tooth anesthesia) is the perfect system for you. The Wand is a pain-free dentistry option designed to numb your mouth with a precise, rapid onset anesthetic. Instead of initial discomfort, patients can anticipate comfort, faster treatment, and quicker recovery times.

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