Complete Smile Makeovers
in Los Angeles

If you’re unhappy with your appearance, a smile makeover could transform your smile from flawed to flawless. At BLVD Dental, Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Daniel Adelpour combines and customizes cosmetic dentistry techniques to help individuals achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.

What is a smile makeover?

Also known as a full mouth rehabilitation, a smile makeover is a phased series of cosmetic dental treatments intended to give patients a refreshed appearance and a new outlook on life. In a nutshell, complete smile makeovers are the ultimate package, and here are some (not all) dental treatments that you can choose for your personalized smile makeover at BLVD Dental:

In addition to an array of treatment options, Dr. Adelpour takes advantage of Smile Design Software to help patients look past their current smile and feel hopeful for their upgraded smile. Essentially, Smile Design Dental Software takes a photo of the patient and applies practical photo editing skills so that the patient can have fabricated “before and after” photos.

Signs that You Might Want a Smile Makeover

The pinnacle reason why individuals choose smile makeovers is that they are unsatisfied with how their smile looks. The primary goal of smile makeovers and other aesthetic dentistry practices is to help patients raise their self-confidence with a more admirable smile. When people look great, they tend to feel great too.

Smile Makeover Expectations

When patients come in for a smile makeover consultation, we create personalized treatment plans and have the unique opportunity to show them before and after photos before they commit to treatment.

Although accurate timelines depend on which cosmetic dentistry treatments you choose, here’s a bird’s eye view of what you can expect from us throughout the smile makeover process:

  • Health check: Before cosmetic dental treatments, your teeth, gums, and jaws must be healthy.
  • Goal review: Do you want a brighter smile or straight teeth? Why settle when you can have both? Dr. Adelpour will review your goals with you.
  • Potential treatment list: Our near Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist will pitch ideas to help you achieve your goals in the desired timeline.
  • Smile Design Time: Say cheese! Our team will snap a photo and use Smile Design dental software to show you what your smile could look like with suitable cosmetic dentistry applications.
  • Project a timeline: Rome wasn’t built in one day, and you can expect the same from a perfected smile. Still, Dr. Adelpour will consider your schedule and goals to lay out a complete treatment timeline, ranging from a few weeks to a few months.
  • Cosmetic dentistry treatments: Here comes the fun! After deciding on your treatments, you can finally achieve a curated, perfected look when you commit to treatment.

Elevate Your Smile with Dentures or Dental Implants in West Hollywood

If your smile makes you frown, schedule a smile makeover in Mid-Wilshire by calling 310-620-8060 or messaging us online. Dr. Adelpour and the BLVD Dental team look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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