Porcelain Veneers

Subtle or major cosmetic dental flaws (like stains, gaps, or cracks) can put a damper on your self-esteem and obstruct your appearance. It can be easy to dwell on imperfections and become the only thing you think about when you smile. Dr. Daniel Adelpour can treat most cosmetic dentistry problems at once with porcelain veneers.

What are dental veneers?

If you’re interested in this cosmetic dentistry procedure, you might wonder, “how do veneers work?” Veneers help create the appearance of a perfect smile. Each dental veneer is a fingernail-thin shell that encases the front surface of a single tooth. Our near West Hollywood cosmetic dentist customizes dental veneers to each tooth for a seamless look and comfortable feel.

Signs You Might Want Porcelain Veneers

Cosmetic dentists and the public dote on veneers because they are a versatile treatment. When placed on top of teeth, veneers can:

  •  Make teeth even in length
  • Conceal gaps
  • Hide stubborn dental discoloration
  • Veil minor chips, cracks, or fractures
  • Create uniformity

The main benefits of veneers are that they can quickly transform a smile and promise long-lasting results with proper care.

Porcelain Veneer Procedure Expectations

The dental veneer process can last for a few weeks and requires at least two in-person appointments. Here’s what you can expect from our Los Angeles dental office crew:

  • Health check: Before any cosmetic dental procedure, we suggest that your oral health is up-to-par. This includes healthy teeth and gums that can support porcelain veneers.
  • Preparation: Dr. Adelpour will carefully numb the areas that need veneers. Dental veneers necessitate minimal enamel removal. This ensures that the permanent fit naturally alongside other existing teeth.
  • Dental scans: Using the iTero 5D Scanner, our cosmetic dentist will comfortably and accurately make impressions of the prepared smile. Then, he will send these scans to our dental lab for fabrication.
  • Temporary veneer placement: Dr. Adelpour will place a temporary veneer until your custom-made veneers return from the dental lab.
  • Permanent veneer placement: When your made-to-order veneers return to our dental office, we will contact you for placement. Dr. Adelpour will ensure that they fit before permanently cementing your final veneers.

Register for a Porcelain Veneer Consultation

At your dental veneer consultation, Dr. Adelpour can answer your questions regarding this standard cosmetic dentistry procedure, including:

  • How much do veneers cost?
  • How long do veneers last?
  • Are veneers permanent?

For a fresh, enhanced smile, schedule a consultation for veneers in Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles, CA, by calling 310-620-8060 or messaging BLVD Dental online.

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