Sedation Dentistry in
Los Angeles, California

At BLVD Dental Aesthetics, we understand that the idea of dental care can spark dental anxiety and dental phobia in some individuals. Instead of allowing worry and fear to interfere with receiving vital oral health treatment, we make going to the dentist easy by offering sedation dentistry.

West Hollywood Sedation Dentist, Dr. Daniel Adelpour, ensures that patients feel at ease during simple to complex dental procedures using easily administered nitrous oxide.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentists prescribe medication to help patients feel more relaxed during dental procedures. Sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry,” this description is inaccurate. Dental sedation is administered in various methods designed to deliver a range of intensity. 

At BLVD Dental, Dr. Adelpour chooses nitrous oxide because it can take away some dental anxiety, is needle-free, and allows patients to return to work, school, or whatever they have planned for the rest of the day. Typically, patients don’t feel sleepy under nitrous oxide but are in a blissful and relaxed mood.

Convenient, Straightforward Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is an add-on service available for those who need it. Nitrous Oxide is ideal for patients with lower anxiety levels, shorter dental procedures or that cannot block out their whole day for dental treatment.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

What measures does BLVD Dental take to ensure patients feel comfortable?

Aside from sedation dentistry, BLVD Dental uses the Wand STA (single tooth anesthesia) to administer pain medication for pain-free dentistry. Also, we have relaxing massage chairs, warm blankets and pillows, and screens to make patients feel comfortable during dental procedures.

Are there any risks associated with nitrous oxide?

When safely administered by a licensed and trained Nitrous Oxide Dentist, laughing gas is safe. There are no long-term side effects when used sparingly.

But, if abused like a recreational drug, there are several adverse effects, including anemia, nerve damage, and low blood pressure.

Who could benefit from dental sedation?

If you experience any of the following conditions, you might want to ask Dr. Adelpour about sedation dentistry:

  • Dental anxiety or panic attacks
  • Sensitive gag reflex, gums, or teeth
  • Difficulty staying still for an extended period

Don’t Be Afraid of Dental Treatments

Thanks to a combination of conscious sedation dentistry, our Wand STA system, and modern amenities, a visit to the dentist can be a process free of pain, anxiety, and stress. Call 310-620-8060 or message us online to request a worry-free dental appointment at BLVD Dental Aesthetics in Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles, CA.

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