Dental Bridges

Many cosmetic dentists suggest dental bridges as an effective way to replace one tooth or an entire section of teeth. Dr. Daniel Adelpour of BLVD Dental Aesthetics in Beverly Hills provides seamless dental bridges to restore how smiles look, feel, and function.

What is a dental bridge?

Sometimes called a “tooth bridge” or “teeth bridge,” a dental bridge is an effective tooth replacement tactic. Dental bridges are a sequence of dental crowns that replace 1 to 4 missing teeth in a row, depending on the patient’s desires.

Generally, Dr. Adelpour attaches dental bridges to one or both teeth on either side of the space. They are an excellent replacement for natural teeth and can improve style and performance after tooth loss.

Signs You Might Want a Dental Bridge

A dentist might suggest a dental bridge if you are missing up to four teeth. Even if you’re happy with how your smile looks, here are other reasons why you might want a dental bridge:

  • Improve your ability to speak and eat
  • Prevent other teeth from shifting
  • Help maintain face shape

Dental Bridge Procedure Expectations

Dental bridge procedures at our Wilshire Blvd location are straightforward and are typically completed in two in-office sessions. Generally, here’s what you can expect if you plan on getting a dental bridge with Dr. Adelpour’s team:

  • Elective, preliminary procedures: If you want more dramatic results, we suggest undergoing a standard dental cleaning and teeth whitening before starting the overall dental bridge process. While these procedures are not always necessary, they can help your final smile feel good and look great.
  • Preparation: When you start the dental bridge process, Dr. Adelpour will numb the area with STA (single tooth anesthesia) and shave a little bit of enamel from the teeth on either side of the tooth bridge. This preparation process makes room for the new restoration and maintains alignment.
  • Digital Scans: Next, he will take digital scans of the teeth and send those to a lab, where lab techs will create your custom dental bridge.
  • Temporary Bridge Placement: While waiting for your final restoration, you will have a temporary dental bridge.
  • Final Dental Bridge Placement: When your elegant dental restorative returns from the lab, Dr. Adelpour will permanently cement it to the teeth via dental crowns.

Meet with the Best Cosmetic Dentist Beverly Hills

If you live in Mid-Wilshire, Beverly Hills, or West Hollywood and need a way to improve your smile quickly and conveniently, meet with Dr. Adelpour. Call 310-620-8060 or message us online to schedule a dental bridge consultation at BLVD Dental Aesthetics.

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