Cracked Tooth Repair in Los Angeles, CA

Cracked tooth repair

Maybe you had a sports accident or chewed on too much hard ice. When you first notice a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth, it can be one of life’s most vulnerable moments.

Fortunately, Dr. Daniel Adelpour of BLVD Dental Aesthetics sees many Mid-Wilshire, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood patients with cracked or fractured teeth and uses proven restorative and cosmetic dentistry techniques to repair damaged teeth so that you don’t have to live life not proud of your smile.

What is a cracked or fractured tooth?

Even though the enamel that covers our teeth is the strongest tissue in the body, it’s still vulnerable to cracking, chipping, and breaking. Teeth damage in many ways, whether you’re not following proper precautions (like wearing a mouth guard during sports) or you’ve been in an accident and have suffered from a traumatic blow. Also, tooth decay weakens teeth and causes them to be more vulnerable to breaking.

Signs that a Tooth is Cracked or Fractured

Sometimes, you can see a cracked tooth. Other times, you can feel it. Sometimes, it can be challenging to see a cracked molar, because it’s in the back of the mouth. But, a flashlight and mirror or an extra set of eyes can help you identify a cracked molar. Still, if you cannot see a crack, cracked tooth pain can feel excruciating and mild. It all depends on how the tooth is cracked.

Teeth can fracture in many ways, including:

  • A cracked tooth is signified by a crack that vertically extends from the chewing surface.
  • A fractured cusp happens when a portion of the tooth’s chewing surface breaks off.
  • A split tooth has a crack that separates the teeth into multiple segments.
  • Vertical root fractures are sneaky. They start at the tooth root and extend towards the chewing surface. Many people don’t realize they are there until the surrounding bone and gums are infected.
  • Craze lines are tiny, shallow cracks that affect the outer enamel. Sometimes they are known as a “hairline crack in tooth,” because they are incredibly thin and hair-like.

Cracked Tooth Repair Expectations

Early diagnosis of cracked teeth can save your teeth from extraction. Without professional intervention, you can expect the crack to worsen over time. How to fix a cracked tooth is highly dependent on the type and severity of the crack itself:

  • A cracked tooth can be saved with dental bonding or dental crowns. A root canal or extraction might be more appropriate if the crack is deep.
  • A fractured cusp can be remedied by a dental crown or cosmetic bonding.
  • A split tooth doesn’t typically split in one day and is a sign of long-term damage. At this point, the tooth cannot be saved and must be extracted. But dental bridges or implant-supported restoration can bring beauty and power back to your smile.
  • Vertical root fracture treatment is based on severity. If the fracture extends into the pulp of the tooth, prompt root canal therapy and a dental crown can restore the tooth. Extraction is likely necessary if the vertical root fracture is severe and beyond the point of saving.
  • Craze lines (or hairline cracks in teeth) typically don’t cause pain, but some are concerned by how they look (especially if you have a hairline cracked front tooth). Our dentist can use cosmetic dentistry techniques (like cosmetic fillings or porcelain veneers) to conceal craze lines and cover crazed lines.


Get in Touch with BLVD Dental About Cracked Tooth Repair

If you suspect a cracked or broken tooth, prompt treatment by Dr. Adelpour can save it from extraction. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment at our Mid-Wilshire dental office by calling 310-620-8060 or messaging us online.

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