Can I Get a Smile Makeover If I Had Gum Disease?

A smile makeover can encompass various cosmetic and restorative treatments, tailored to your specific dental needs. However, the state of your dental and oral health can influence the treatment options available to you. If you’re uncertain about your eligibility or if previous health conditions may limit your choices, it’s essential to have a conversation with your dentist to discuss what your smile makeover can entail. In the meantime, understanding your limitations can be helpful. This article explores the possibility of a smile makeover after gum disease and provides insights into potential treatment options.

Gum Disease and Its Effects:

If you have previously experienced gum disease that was successfully treated and reversed by your dentist, it’s important to note that some permanent damage may remain in your teeth and gums. While teeth have the ability to remineralize and restore enamel over time, certain types of damage may require more extensive procedures such as bone grafting. Additionally, gum recession, which is another consequence of gum disease, is irreversible. Despite these effects, there are still options available for enhancing your smile.

Considerations for Treatment Options:

The extent of damage caused by periodontitis will determine the suitable choices for restoring and rebuilding your smile. Your dentist can evaluate your teeth and gums to determine if any of the conventional treatments are viable or recommend alternative options that align with your smile goals and current oral health.

Porcelain Veneers:

Porcelain veneers are custom-made covers that are bonded to the surface of your teeth using composite resin. While they are typically painless, protective, and durable, extensive bone or enamel loss, as well as the presence of numerous restorations like crowns, may pose risks when considering veneers. It’s crucial to have healthy and strong teeth for successful veneer placement. Conditions such as teeth grinding or dry mouth can jeopardize the longevity of veneers, making them less suitable in certain cases.

Teeth Whitening:

Teeth whitening is a popular, safe, and cost-effective method for enhancing your smile. However, individuals with permanent teeth and gum damage, including gum recession, need to exercise caution. Teeth whitening treatments can increase tooth sensitivity, which may be problematic if you already have weakened enamel or suffer from sensitive teeth.

Dental Implants:

For individuals who have lost one or more teeth due to gum disease, dental implants offer a permanent and natural-looking solution that can restore and improve your smile. While implants provide excellent results, they involve a relatively lengthy and sometimes painful procedure. Moreover, sufficient bone density in the jaw is necessary for successful implant placement. If severe bone loss has occurred, alternatives like bridges, partial dentures, or complete dentures may be recommended.

If you’re concerned that gum disease has limited your options for a smile makeover, it’s important to consult with your dentist. At BLVD Dental, we are dedicated to helping you achieve a confident smile while ensuring your overall dental health and quality of life. Regardless of the extent of the damage, there are still suitable options available to enhance your smile. To schedule an appointment or learn more about our cosmetic and restorative dentistry services, please call 323-676-2585.